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Wild Cat sign, 1997

Loading station, 1997

Tracks of the Wild Cat 1997

Tracks 1998

Loading station and where the carousel use to be, 1998

Tracks, 98

Outside of the house under the Wild Cat, 1999

The Wildcat

The Wild Cat is a wooden roller coaster that stands 85 feet tall and had a ride time of 2 minutes. The Wild Cat was built in 1927. Even though the Wild Cat made it's last run more than 15 years ago, it is still consistently ranked among the top 10 roller coaster's. This coaster was operated even in downpours. A fire destroyed the Wild Cat on April 26, 1984. One employee after viewing the destroyed remains of the Wild Cat commented "We will start her up again and call her the death drop". Blueprints of the Wild Cat are still available, but the cost to replace this coaster in 1984 would have been 1.5 million dollars. On October 20, 1984 a two day auction was begun to sell off Idora Park. On January 6, 1985 Patrick Duffy, owner of Idora Park died. There was also one death on the Wild Cat.

Tracks, 98

Tracks, 98

Tracks, 98

Tracks, 98

The house where it is said Patrick Duffy Jr. lived in the summers

Inside of the house under the Wild Cat, 1999

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