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Idora Park was an amusement park located in Youngstown Ohio.
The park was open from 1899 till 1984. It sat abandon from 1985 till just recently when a fire in the ballroom and the tearing down of the Wild Cat and Jack Rabbit sounded the parks final end.

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Thanks to Rick Davis
for sharing his postcards, many present day pics of Idora,
and all sorts of updates and information and other good stuff
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Also to

Kelly Petrachkoff
for sharing many many pictures of current Idora with us,
keeping me updated and taking the
time and effort in talking to many people
and hunting down information!!!!
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I would also like to thank the following people
who contributed pictures and information and
helped make this page possible.

Thanks to James A Rogers
for the contribution of his postcard collection.
He was the first one to donate to the page and
it will always be greatly appreciatated

Thanks to Mr. Robert Dyce
for contributing pictures from his
families outings at Idora Park!
His family outing pics really capture
the past of the park and I know they have been enjoyed by many

Thanks to The Euclid Beach and Ohio Amusement Park Museum
for allowing me to photograph their Idora Park display.

Thanks to Brett at
Laff in the Dark

for the contribution of the Idora Park Brochures

Thanks to the Youngstown Public Library
for helping me find information on Idora Park.

Thanks also to the countless other people who
have shared pictures, information, memories
or just given encouragement on the page
It has all been greatly appreciated by many!!