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Celebrating planned for Idora's 100th Anniversary

More then 10 personal collections of Idora Park memorabilia will be on display at Yankee Lake.

Celebrating what would have been Idora Park's 100th anniversary August 29, the Idora Park Development Co. will try to recreate a sunday afternoon at the park from noon to 11pm.

Mike Tarantino, a partner in IPDC, said the company's goal is to preserve the legacy of the park.

"The community lost the park suddenly in 1984," he said. "We are rasing the Titanic so people can remember all the good times"

At Yankee Lake: The Festivities, called a Back to Idora Celebration, will take place outside and in the Yankee Lake Ballroom.

The Ballroom entertainment will feature polka and standards from the Bob Matsy Band, The Bill Bevec Orchestra, Easy Street Productions and Frankie and the Sensations.

For dance enthusiats, there will be swin lessons from Fred Astaire Dance Studios and a dance contest.

the company submitted a bid in early June for 8.5 acres, which includes the ballroom and parking lot.

"A portion of the proceeds will go to our company's goal of purchasing the property" Barko said.

Location Choice: The Company chose Yankee Lake as the location for the celebration because the ballroom is similar to Idora Park's before it was remodled in 1955.

"The entire Yankee Lare facility has a very nice atmosphere that will go with the spirit of the event" Barko said.

"Outside we will have midway games, concessions, memoriabilia, coaster cars and old signs" said Bob Barko, a partner in IPDC. "We are trying to capture the spirit of the park"

A DJ will provide music and karakoe outside.

Cost: Tickets to the ballroom entertainment ($19.95 in advance) include the outdoor activities. Outdoor activities alone will cost $5.00. Children under 12 get in free.

IPDC is trying to buy the Idora Park Ballroom from it's current owners to preserve the legacy of the park.

Back to Idora will feature the largest collection of the park's memoriabilia.

"I'm getting everyday people coming out of the woodwork with photo's and signs and donating it to the show" Tarantino said.

He said there will be 10 to 12 collections at Yankee Lake.

To get the Ballroom entertainment Tickets visit:

Creative Corners Rt 62 in Cornersburg (330)797-9400,

Tickets Unlimited, Inc. State Route 224 in Canfield (330)533-4611


Yankee Lake Village Party Center State Route 7 (330)448-4711

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