Youngstown Vindicator article from March 1999

GROUP TO TAKE BIT OF IDORA PARK TO CONNEUAT LAKE The new operators say they hope to land rides, the Wildcat or Jack Rabbit roller coaster and the carousel, that once graced Idora Park.

Boardman: A group of local men have taken over operations of Conneuat Lake Park in Pennsylvania and hopes to give it a Youngstown feel. "It's been a roller coaster ride for about the last five months, believe me" said Carl Severino Jr. one of four Boardman men who make up Conneuat Lake Park Managment Group. The group signed an agreement to operate the park late Wednesday, ending months of negotiations, he said.

Heres the plan: Severino said the former Idora Park in Youngstown, which has been closed for about 15 years due to a fire, and set it up at Conneuat Lake Park. Both rides are still at the old Idora Park site, thought the Wild Cat was badly damaged in the fire. Blueprints for the rides are still available, so they could be refurbished, if one is moved to Conneuat, Severino said. He said the group is also talking with a New York woman who owns the carousel from Idora Park, and hopes to have it at the park within two years. "Were going to have a nice Youngstown connection to the Conneaut Park area" Severino said. He said the other new rides will be added and the park will be operated year round instead of just durning the summer. Special activities will be planned during the winter months.

Who's involved: Other officers of the orginization are David Mangie, who will be the parks general manager, Dale E. Bricker, corporate secretary and legal counsel, and Bob Barton, treasurer and vice president. Severino will be director of promotions and entertainment. Severino said he got involved with the park when a friend , Don Shconz asked him to help with some promotions there. Schonz has been operations manager at the amusement park and had previously worked at Idora, Severino said. " We just started talking and one thing led to another" he said. "I put together this group of guys and it all worked out".

Words of Welcome: Gene Rumsey, chairman of the Conneaut Lake Park Inc. trustees said the park is being leased to the new operators and he's glad to have them aboard. "The park has great possibilities" Rumsey said. "Im anxious to work with these mean and bring it back".

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