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Our Amusement Park Visits
This page contains lots of current day Idora Pictures and a post card collection from Idora Park. Also contains pictures from other non-defunct amusement parks.

Robb and Sarah's Coaster Honeymoon, Idora Park
Present day photo's of Idora Park, lots of shots from on the coaster tracks.

Whatever Happened to Idora Park
Present day photo's of Idora park

Project Save Idora Park
A group tht wants to save Idora Park or help those who do.

Idora Park Development Company
The group that sponsered Back To Idora Days

Mikes Historic Amusement Parks
Has a section on Idora Park, plus other amusement parks

SBNO, Abandon Amusement Parks
Has some pictures of current day Idora,also a section on Chippewa Lake Park

Other Defunct Ohio Amusement Parks

Fantasy Farm Park Memorial
This is a page about the defunct park Fantasy Farm in Middleton, Ohio

The Humphrey Company
This page is mostly selling popcorn balls and kisses, but they have two pictures from Euclid Beach Park They change occasionally.

Lost Amusement Parks Of Cleveland Ohio
Has history and photo's on Gordon Gardens, White City, Luna Park, Puritas Springs Park and Euclid Beach Park. You can also take a virtual roller coaster ride on the Cyclone from Puritas Springs Park.

Ohio's Thrills, Historical Amusement Parks
Has history, photos, interviews and newspaper articles from places such as Crystal Lake, Sandy Beach and Euclid Beach Park

Olentangy Park
History and Photo's of this defunct Columbus park

Chippewa Lake Park
History and current photos of this abandon park

Other Amusement Park Links

Bobcoaster's Coaster Page
This page contains defunct coasters and parks, a tribute to Mr. Twister and defunct park brochures

Laff In The Dark
This page is all about amusement park dark rides

Defunct Parks.Com
This page contains tons of links and info about defunct parks around the country

Tim Melago's Directory of Amusement Parks and Roller Coaster Links
Go here to find everything amusement park related

The Coaster Cool Lost Coaster Page
Pictures of lost coasters from various amusement parks.

G&K Roller Coaster and Amusement Park Gateway
Links and ratings of Roller coaster and amusement park pages
Lots of links and other info

Carousel-The Carousel Orginization
Carousel Orginizations, links, etc...

American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE)
A roller coaster group

National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA)
Group dedicated to saving historical amusement park stuff.

Tons of coaster stuff

Info on coasters