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View of the Jack Rabbit from the parking lot, 1997

Tracks, 1997

Across from these dips are houses, 1997

Loading station, 1998

Leaving the station, 1998

Tracks, 98


The Jack Rabbit is a wooden roller coaster that is 70 feet tall and 2200 feet long, it had a ride time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The Jack Rabbit was built in 1910 by TM Harden. The Jack Rabbit was lengthened and recountered in the 30's. After the Wild Cat was destroyed in the fire, the owners of Idora, in an attempt to bring people back to the park, reveresed the trains of the Jack Rabbit and ran the cars backwards, and renamed it the Back Wabbit. There was also one death on the Jack Rabbit in the 60's. The Jack Rabbit is the second oldest standing wooden coaster in the country.

The tracks upclose, 1998

Tracks, 1998

Tracks, 1998

The church sign, 1999

Close up of chruch sign

1997 pictures property of Danette
1998 pictures property of Kelly
1999 pictures property of Matt Schwartz