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An inside picture of the ballroom, 1997

Inside the ballroom, 1999

Inside the ballroom, 1999

Inside the ballroom, 1999

A piano left in the ballroom, 1999

The snack bar, 1999

The bandstand, 1999


This was not the original ballroom at Idora Park, the original ballroom was quickly outgrown and became the roller rink, then the Heidelburg Gardens and ended it's days as the Crazy Horse Saloon. The ballroom pictured in the photo's is a smaller version of the ballroom at Coney Island. The Idora ballroom had the largest dance floor of any ballroom between New York and Chicago.

View of the ballroom from the parking lot, 1997

Outside view of the Dancehall, 1999

Outside view Dancehall, 1999

Outside View of Dancehall, 1999

An ice cream cart in the ballroom basement, 1999

A ride car in the basement of the ballroom, 1999

Ride car in basement, 1999

A workbench in the dancehall basement, 1999

1997 ballroom pictures property of Danette
1999 ballroom pictures property of Kelly