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The carousel house,1997

The band organ stand inside the carousel house, 1997

Inside the carousel house, 1997


The carousel from Idora Park was built by the Philadelphia Tobagon Company in 1922. This was not the first carousel at Idora, it was the thrid. The octogonal structure that housed the carousel was built in 1890. In 1975 the carousel at Idora Park became the first carousel to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The carousel from Idora was sold at auction to two private individuals from the Brooklyn New York area. This couple purchased the 30 jumpers, 18 standers, 2 chariots and the band organ facade. It is currently being restored. The carousel house was torn down by the Mount Calvery Pentecostal Church in September of 1998.


The carousel may be purchased by the owners of Conneaut Lake Park and moved there.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

The carousel after being torn down, 1998

1997 carousel pictures property of Danette
1998 carousel picture property of Kelly