The crowds arrive for the auction

Bidders inspect the carousel

A concession stand opens for one last time at Idora


On October 20, 1984 an auction was held at Idora Park to sell off rides and misc. A New York City couple purchased the historic Idora Park Carousel for $385,000.00. The couple planned to move the carousel to a proposed waterfront park in New York City along the east river next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Some years later, Youngstown residents tried to buy the carousel back, but the couple refused to sell it. They were in the process of painstakenly hand restoring it. Harlan Wenzel of Wisconsin, who operates a traveling carnival, bought the 18 bumper cars for $4,750.00. Wayne Louma of Geneva, Ohio bought the Kooky Castle haunted house for $2,000.00, he planned to use it as a facade for a bar he planned on opening in Ashtabula. Geri Taczak of Brookfield Township paid $13,000.00 for the antiques cars and tracks of the Hooterville Highway, she planned to place the tracks and cars outside her resteraunt Raz-Ma-Taz. The owner of Idora Park, Patrick Duffy was surprised at the high prices some of the kiddie rides brought in. The high bid on the boat ride was $3,750.00. The Tilta-Whirl was sold for $8,7500.00 and the Train and the tracks on the Idora Limited got $28,500.00. Yet the Ferri Wheel brought in only $2,500.00.

A man inspects some antique plates from an Idora game stand

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