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On April 26,1984 while repairs were being made on the Lost River Ride a spark from a welders torch ignited wooden supports in part of the ride. Patrick Duffy and some of his employees at first attempted to put out the fire themselves, when the fire grew out of control the fire department was called. The fire fighters had strong wind and low water pressure working against them and some fire hydrants were not working at all. The fire then spread from the lost river ride to the park office, park employees managed to save some current records, but all the older files and historical pictures and records were lost. In less than an hour the fire had destroyed the Lost River Ride, the park office, 11 game and refreshment stands, and part of the Wild Cat roller coaster. The fire fighters through much work were able to save the historic carousel. Temporary offices and trailers along the midway were brought in to keep the park open. But without the Wild Cat and The Lost River Ride the park did not do well. The cost to replace the Wild Cat in 1984 would have been 2.5 million dollars. The park did open on May 5th for a full season but attendance, which had already been low, declined even further.
This would be Idora Parks last season.

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